Bill Coplin

Meet Bill Coplin

BILL COPLIN is the founder and professor of the highly successful undergraduate Policy Studies Major at Syracuse University. Its purpose is to provide an undergraduate professional program while maintaining the integrity of a degree in the liberal arts. He is the Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor for Teaching Excellence at the Maxwell School and College of Arts and Sciences at Syracuse University. An author of 110 books and articles, many of which are in education, he has taught and advised tens of thousands of undergraduates over his 50+ years of teaching.

Coplin’s mission is to equip All students with the practical skills needed for career success while leaving society better than they found it. The Skills Win Program seeks to improve education throughout the United States. Coplin’s mantra “Do Well and Do Good” has motivated generations of Syracuse University alumni to tackle 21st century challenges.

Once you graduate and ten years fly by, you won't remember every book you read, or paper you wrote, or even every professor you had. But you will remember Coplin.
Chandra Keller-Allen '97
Former Student

Featured Book

Uncover the role of elitism in “The Path to Equity: Inclusion in the Kingdom of Liberal Arts” as Coplin charts a path to a more equitable and inclusive education system that serves all Americans.

Kudos to Coplin and to his team for being one of the few academic programs to offer its students this skill set that is truly invaluable.
Runjhun Nanchal ‘03
Senior Vice President
Valleywise Health
I can’t believe how many times my boss has said “Let me teach you how to…” and I said I already knew how.
Cathryn J. Sitterding '07
Fleishman-Hillard Government Relations
Homeland Security Practice Group
Professor Coplin's bark is bigger than his bite, and if you are brave enough to sit down with him for lunch someday, he will quickly have you convinced that you alone can save the world.
Lisa Mueller ‘02
Former Student
Coplin's unique approach to teaching through doing good and learning tangible life skills is a treat in and of itself. However, the experience is made even more exceptional by Coplin's incredible enthusiasm for teaching and for the success of his students!
Ryan Gerecht ‘06
Former Student